Tigers making a comeback

After years on the endangered species list, tigers are finally making a comeback. According to researchers in India, a recent tiger census came to the conclusion that 2,226 tigers are currently living in India. This is a more than 30% increase from last year(1,706 tigers). Researchers used 9,000 hidden camera traps in more than 146,000 […]

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Recap of the Golden Globes

This years Global Globe Awards was jam packed with big wins, touching speeches, and hilarious antics. With a lot going on prior to the award show, everyone presenting decided to address the many issues happening around the globe today.Such as Bill Cosby, who’s had decades-long struggles with accusations of being a drug addict and rapist. […]

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Nous Semmes Charlie

The Killing in Paris is something that caught the attention of the world. It cost the lives of journalist who had the right to free speech. One of the most shocking parts of it all is that the terrorists weren’t just men involved in the tragedy, but there was a women named Hayat Boumeddiene involved that is still on the […]

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Kobe Bryant Rises Past Jordan

As of last night, 12/14/2014, Kobe Bryant has finally passed Michael Jordan on the NBA’s all time scoring list. Michael Jordan, who had 32,292 points, was regarded as the greatest player of all time in basketball history. Kobe Bryant, who came straight to the NBA after high school in 1996 was projected to be a great […]

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