Virtual Enterprises International trade show

On April 15th, the Vreal Publications team made there way to Virtual Enterprise International Trade show which took place in Manhattan in NYC. Vreal Publications stood proud as our booth was surrounded by newspapers around it’s border and our Vreal team sold waffles and water bottles to those who attended the annual event.

IMG_0139Virtual Enterprises International which is a learning program offered to teens in and out of school gives young adults the ability to learn what it is like working in an actual business environment. Instead of learning about it in school, teens have the opportunity to put there skills in to play. Every year students have the ability to compete for prizes and meet other students from different firms. IMG_0136

Every year Vreal Publications like many other Virtual Enterprise firms have the opportunity to showcase there companies to each other. The seven hour event was filled with raffles conducted by different companies, some of the prizes included an Ipad mini and a soccer ball from a VE firm from Brazil.

As teens from all over the world visited our booth they were approached by an Instagram frame in which they were able to take photos. Then as they made there way through our stand, they were provided with waffles that were made on the spot and a customized Vreal water bottle.

The event is a great learning experience for future entrepreneurs and it is a great way to getting your companies name known by others.

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