President Obama Making a Change

With only 22 months left in his term, President Obama has decided it is time to use his last few months in office to make a difference. On March 31st, 2015 President Obama made a major step to changing the justice system. He has decided to shorten the sentences of many prisoners that were put in jail for drugs- some even were given life in prison for their crimes. However, “The White House said the action continued Obama’s effort to reduce harsh sentences imposed under outdated guidelines, a step that could lead him to use his powers to grant clemency more often in the final 22 months left in his term” (fox news online-politics).

Even though President Obama is doing his best to change the justice system, there is only so much he can do with the short time he has in office. However, he is not letting the issue of time sway him from his interest to make the country a better and fairer place to live in. “In total, the 22 commutations granted today underscore the President’s commitment to using all the tools at his disposal to bring greater fairness and equity to our justice system. Further, they demonstrate how exercising this important authority can remedy imbalances and rectify errors in sentencing. Added to his prior 21 commutations, the President has now granted 43 commutations total” (The White House Blog). To put into perspective how much progress Obama has really made, “President George W. Bush commuted 11 sentences in his eight years in office” (The White House Blog). 

He is making great progress, but to make a lasting impact on the country, he really needs to step up his game. Right now he is thinking too small, getting some prisoners a shorter sentence is great for them and their families, but he needs to make a lasting mark. President Obama needs to do something big and grand to show his critiques and everyone else that he is really serious about this change, and he is not just doing this as a big publicity stunt.

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