Creative Fashion Runways

With the end of Fashion week not so long ago, it’s not just the fashion that is being talked about but it is also the runways. Year after year, designers have stepped up there game and created some of the most breathtaking runways. From Chanel’s supermarket runway in 2014 to Tommy Hilfiger’s football field runway this February, each designer has set up there own themes to go along with there designs.


In this year’s pre-fall 2015 show for Chanel during Paris Fashion week was transformed into a resteraunt where attendees to the show were seated in tables, very distinct from the usual bench style format from other shows. The middle of the runway was occupied by a male attending the bar in which models such as Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne made their way through.

Chanel show’s have always been the one to watch from windmills to carrousels as there runway centerpiece. Chanel’s show extends beyond fashion. In our latest issue of Lifestyle magazine, one of Chanel’s most memorable runway shows was the supermarket theme that took place last year in Paris.


For more creative fashion runway’s check out the latest issue of Lifestyle magazine in the link below:

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