Multiracial Misses

Ariana Miyamoto is the latest winner of Miss Universe Japan. Miyamoto is a 20 year old model who is a native from Nagasaki and went to High School in the United States. After being crowned Miss japan, Miyamoto was presented with backlash from the media ad the public for her looks. The beauty queen is […]

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Google maps throws it back

Google just couldn’t wait for April Fools. On Tuesday, March 31st Google Maps transformed into a game of Pac-man. Users of google maps were able to turn there locations into the world famous game. When on google maps, the users can choose to play in there favorite location such as Times Square, Taj Mahal, or even Arc de […]

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Is Tidal for all?

On Monday, March 30th, Jay Z released his own music service called Tidal. Social media was buzzing all afternoon about the release of the music service which requires a $20 subscription. The press conference which was live streamed had the biggest artists in the industry including, Usher, Rihanna, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and Beyonce. Hours before the […]

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Behind #TheDress

The controversial black and blue dress had millions debating over the dress’s actual color. The Salvation Army in South Africa put their own spin on #TheDress and gave it a deeper meaning. In the powerful shot, a bruised up woman is laying on her side as she poses in the white and gold dress with […]

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Creative Fashion Runways

With the end of Fashion week not so long ago, it’s not just the fashion that is being talked about but it is also the runways. Year after year, designers have stepped up there game and created some of the most breathtaking runways. From Chanel’s supermarket runway in 2014 to Tommy Hilfiger’s football field runway […]

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Spiderman comes home

In the latest issue of The Cut magazine on “Spiderman comes home” Sony pictures announced that they will let Marvel to yield partial control of Spiderman. Marvel, which is none for it’s blockbuster superhero movie hits, will now have the power to create it’s own version of Spiderman under the Disney companies control. For […]

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Carnival’s all over the world

As New Orleans rounds up their celebrations on Mardi Gras so does the rest of the Caribbean, and South American countries who celebrated carnival through out the month of February. From colorful parades by day, many turn out by night for concerts where some of the biggest artists in Latin America take the stage. The […]

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